Pastoral Care Team

Our aim is to ensure that we are present for each other in times of need and to show each other unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement through the love we have received from God through Jesus Christ. We have a team of men and women, all of whom have completed appropriate training and work under supervision, who are available to visit, listen, pray and provide practical caring support around the parish and congregation. 

We offer the following services to all members of the community:

Funerals and bereavement

The services of our clergy in the preparation of the funeral service (in church or at the Crematorium) and follow up by members of clergy and our lay Pastoral Care Team.


The beautiful and sacred space of the parish church, together with the services of our clergy and lay team in the preparation for the wedding day (including a Marriage Preparation Day in the spring) and the skills of choir, organists, bell ringers and flower arrangers to make the wedding day very special.


The church family welcome and invite new members to join us, through the rite of baptism, celebrated in the church at the All Age service on Sunday morning, With a course of preparation before, and follow up after, the christening day.

The Pastoral Care team offer visitation for members at home, including Home Communion on a regular, monthly, basis.

The leader of our team is

Margaret Carey

01494 762341

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