Safeguarding in church is all about making sure that we love and care for each other in the same way that Christ loves and cares for us. He especially cares for the vulnerable, oppressed and abused - we should too!

This parish is committed to creating a safe and caring environment for all. Each person who works within this church community (including users of the Church and The Reading Room) must agree to abide by its safeguarding policy. The church workers with children and young people must agree to abide by the code of safer working practices. 

If anything you see or hear makes you feel worried or anything that is said or done to you makes you feel sad or scared it is important that you share this-however small or insignificant it might seem. Safeguarding concerns are like puzzle pieces and the important thing is that everyone who has a piece hand it to one person so that they can see if there is a picture. People often don’t say anything because they think ‘What if I’m wrong and I raise a concern about someone’s behaviour that would be so embarrassing.’ Please turn that question round ‘What if I’m right and I don’t say something-how would I feel in years to come?’

Please chat with Victoria Neil anytime about anything that you see or hear that doesn’t seem quite right. If it is Victoria’s behaviour that worries you then please contact a member of clergy or Tsungai Muchegwa (Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser). No issue is too small or embarrassing.  

Safeguarding Officer - Victoria Neil

If you have information about a safeguarding situation where a child or adult is in immediate danger, or requires immediate medical attention, call Emergency Services on 999

Safeguarding Policies to Read and Download

Safeguarding Policy

Code of Safer Working Practice

Diocesan Safeguarding Link

Safeguarding Forms for Leaders

Accident And Incident Form

Consent for Day Trip

Consent for Photographs

Consent for transport

Registration and Consent

Template for a register

Risk Assessment

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